Well I’m almost ashamed that it took so long to do another review and it isn’t even the promised LotRO review. Well for the last months I have been playing DDO, in stereoscopic mode mostly and so I finally won over my laziness, so here is a new entry to my blog.
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As a hardcore Spellborne Player for the past 4 month now I may be a bit biased towards the game. When I got my 3D Vision glasses I was pretty disappointed about the lack of depth but with the release of NVIDIA’s 1.08 Drivers the game went from “ugly” to “good”. It’s not perfect but perfectly enjoyable in 3D. Prior to this test i spend around 10 hours playing the game with my glasses on (in 4 settings since my old eyes seem to get weary after 2-3hours using the stereoscopic view). Read the rest of this entry »

Aion is probably the game I had the least time testing. I took a couple of screen shots while in the Chinese beta and i taught i could finish up testing it later but my time was up before it came to this. So basically I’m writing this entry from memory and based on the shots i took. In future updates I promise to post the individual settings and tweaks I did on the games as well, for Aion for now I’ll only give my first impressions. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m writing this first Article 2 weeks after i purchased the combination of the NVIDIA® GeForce® 3D Vision™ and Samsung® SyncMaster™ 2233RZ 120Hz LCD.

Since I’m a MMO-Addict i tried out numerous MMO Games and Demos including World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, Chronicles of Spellborne, D&D Online and Warhammer Online Read the rest of this entry »