Aion: The Tower of Eternity, 3D Visions

May 23, 2009

Aion is probably the game I had the least time testing. I took a couple of screen shots while in the Chinese beta and i taught i could finish up testing it later but my time was up before it came to this. So basically I’m writing this entry from memory and based on the shots i took. In future updates I promise to post the individual settings and tweaks I did on the games as well, for Aion for now I’ll only give my first impressions.

Character/ Environmental Detail

Being a 3rd generation MMMO (if you count Ultima/EQ and Lineage1 as the 1st and WOW/ Lineage 2 as the 2nd) Aion looks a lot more detailed in both characters as well as environment then its predecessor. The Cryengine 1 seemes to be a good choice both for “normal” and stereo 3D rendering.
Both Characters and environment seem to have a high polygon count given them a very realistic feel. So far i didn’t notice any displaced effects. The PC and NPC names hover above their heads at the right spot and can be read OK even in stereo 3D mode.

Depth/ Ghosting 

In Aion the feeling of depth is pretty good in stereo mode. In the front of your screen, i like to call windshield you have your interface, in the depth of the screen the scenery unfolds. I noticed some minor ghosting and displacement of light sources but the characters themselves as well as the scenery look very solid.

The Interface/ Combat

The interface works pretty well in 3D Space. The Skills, the Minimap and Healthbar as well as the Chatbox are “on the Windshield” in front of the screen while scenery unfolds in 3D behind them. I don’t think that the games has a 3D cursor to select enemies but the selected enemy has a glowing red circle at the base of the model in the 3D Scene. As mentioned above names of the monsters you fight are also placed at the correct 3D Coordinates so that they do not disturb the depth feeling.I noticed tough that there are some small bullets framing the name of the selected target that are rendered on the windshield same as the damage numbers if you hit your target. This seems to be a minor flaw which, besides the missing 3D cursor that sets the game back a bit from being viewed perfectly in 3D. The spell and skill effects on the other hand  are shown where they are supposed to happen and look pretty cool.

Final Toughs


Overall the game looks pretty set up for the use with the 3D Vision Glasses. There are minor flaws that the devs could iron out easily if they wanted to to get into the excellency category for NVIDIA. As soon as the game goes live in Europe I’ll probably spending much more time with it to test if you could play it entirely in 3D-Depth mode


Next to come: Chronicles of Spellborne, stay tuned


One Response to “Aion: The Tower of Eternity, 3D Visions”

  1. stephane Says:

    I will like to have more test on that game with the 3D vision when the game going to be live, can you do it ?! I will greatly appreciate it.


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