When i review a game ill try to take 3-4 images showing ghosting, placement of the interface and general feeling of depth with the screenshot shortcut of the stereo driver (Strg+F1). These Images will use the natural resolution of 1680×1050 of my Samsung Synchmaster resulting in a stereo image of 3360×1050 pixel.

For easier use I will then rename the extension from .jps to .jpg so they show here on the blog. To view these images, for example in the Stereoscopic 3D Viewer you will have to save and rename them back to .jps

As of today (May 23, 2009) my version of the Stereoscopic 3D Viewer looses synch and flickers after a few seconds of showing the picture in its original size. I experimented with resizing the picture to half of its original size creating an image of 1050×525. At this size the viewer behaves normally without loosing synch but i found the loss of quality and the bad influence of additional jpg artifacts is counterproductive to the goal of judging the games visual stereo-quality. In short, ill keep the images the way i shoot them and hope that NVIDIA fixes the viewer or that maybe its just an issue with my system.

Here is a shot from Aion, Tower of eternity that shows the loss of quality in lower resolution:


Original Stereo Screenshot

Original Stereo Screenshot

Resized to 1050x525

Resized to 1050x525

The easiest way to get them to show up in your Stere Viewer would be to to RightClick>Save Link As and to change the extension from .jpg to .jps


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