The main purpose of this blog is to document my experience with mmo’s (massively multiplayer online games).
Since i recently bought a Set of NVIDA 3D Vision Glasses i will also post my impressions testing games and other stuff concerning stereoscopie using these glasses.

My system specs at this time are:

  • Vista 64 Operating System
  • Geforce 8800 GTS Graphics Card
  • NVIDA 3D Vision Glasses 
  • Samsung SyncMaster 2233 Screen

One thing i noticed writing the blog is that writing stuff like “this game looks fantastic in 3D” might be too weak an expression since were talking “true” 3D here. So whenever i remember I try to use sentences like “…looks great in 3D Vision” or “… has a great 3D depth effect” since that what this blog is about.


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